TMNT Fan Art

All across the web you have different fan art, from old vampires to unicorns to Dexter Morgan to The Power Puff girls. Even shows that disappeared from TV over 20 years ago have artists out there still drawing their childhood heroes. Of course Ninja Turtles are no exception to the rule.

Back in the 1980s, I realized art was a big thing in my family and so I did a lot of drawings. No, they weren't A+ drawings. They were just my versions of the heroes that I looked up to, starting off with Care Bears, Alf and Roger Rabbit. As a child, those were the things I drew the most. These drawings were never good enough to land on an animation cel, and even as a child I realized this so none of my fan art was ever sent in for comic book fan art pages. I wanted to be better, I wanted to be like my sister, Miki. Her art work has blown me away my full life. Of course on top of that I had my father, whose work has been seen on TV since he was in school. I could never compare myself to them. So for a long time I did not feel that my art was good enough to share. 

My early drawings of the Turtles were so skinny that they were close to being stick figures; no muscles in the arms or legs, just lines drawn there to show that they have muscles. These drawings were done in fifth and sixth grade. Though my sixth grade teacher loved these drawings and would have me do huge poster size drawings for his son, which was later hanging on the walls of his son's room. He did make me feel proud of my art. Yet, I still compared myself to my family and felt my art was not good enough to send in to comics or magazines. I wanted to get better. 

Some of my favorite fan art that I personally did was drawings of the Turtles from the third movie. These drawings were done looking at tiny trading cards from the third movie. I did two of them, one of Leonardo and the other one of Michaelangelo. I spent a lot of time with adding detail to these to try and make it as realistic as I can. True, the third movie costumes were not known for being the most realistic Turtles, though these were the Turtles that I was enjoying at that time in my life. Funny as it may be, the two Turtles that I did these drawings of then are now the two Turtle heads that I own from the movies. This is an irony that I'll never get over, I should of did a drawing like this for each of the Turtles.

Once I got online in the Mid 1990s, I found people posting their art work more and more, so I started to join in on this. As Fan Art became one of the major parts of the TMNT fandom, every group, page, and chat room was sharing this one thing that we all had in common. Contests even started to spring up for the different type of fan arts. Even the Mirage Website had a page to post fanart that was sent in to them for prizes.

Drawing a Ninja Turtle is very easy for anyone who is into art, as the face does not have some of those annoying features in which you have to place on a human, like nose or ears. It's a lot of curvy lines with eyes and a mouth. The design is simple, which gives us a lot of different fans willing to give it a try. One of my favorite things that the fans do in their art work though is give the turtles their own touch and feel to how they draw them. Every fan has their own style, mixing different things that mean something important to them into the drawing. This makes fan art really fun to go through, with something new around every corner.

If you're looking for TMNT fan art, you can find it on many different websites as people give fan art it's own section. Even message boards such as the Technodrome Forums or TMNT-L make sure to give a nod to the fans that share their art work, by having a full section of the forum just to post their drawings. Deviant Art has a lot of Ninja Turtle Fan art up, people have made groups dedicated to the Turtles, some that focus just on their favorite turtles. There are even people on Youtube that share how they draw the Turtles, so people can learn how easy it is to draw them.

The Youtube drawings are great. Not only do you get to see the different styles, you get to see how those styles are done. To help teach people the skills of drawing by showing their own tricks of the trade. We're sharing a few different Youtube videos here that was found while surfing through Ninja Turtle art on Youtube. These are people sharing their own personal style of the Turtles, no one is right or wrong when it comes to art work, everyone expresses themselves in their own way. Feel free to check out the different style of these fans and see for yourself in which style you feels fits you best.

Each of the video I chose to share here are different from the next showing some of the different styles of fan art out there. I do not know any of these artist, though think each of them shows a level of skill that is all their own that fellow fans can learn from and enjoy.

Fan art is a never dying form of art work, started long before there was tv, cartoons or even movies. People draw a lot when inspired deeply by something and because of this fan art will be around as long as there are artists. Fan art is not just seen in drawings, but is also seen in writing through fanfiction and music.

This review focused on the drawing side of the fandom, so please do take some time to share with us if you're an artist who enjoys drawing TMNT fan art.  We'll  be interested in hearing your stories.

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